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Carp Destined to Haunt M’s If Traded

February 19th, 2013 at 1:00 PM
By Tyler Vander Boegh

The offseason additions of Kendrys Morales, Michael Morse, Raul Ibanez have solidified a need for backup at 1st base should starter Justin Smoak fail to perform out of the chute. With regards to the outfield a healthy Franklin Gutierrez, up-and-comer Michael Saunders, and "The Beast" Michael Morse (a nickname bestowed upon him as soon as he left the Northwest and solidified himself as a legitimate middle of the order threat while playing in our nations capitol) are all set to have breakout seasons for a club that has the potential to surprise. So where does that leave oft-injured Mike Carp? A question Jack Z has been pondering since designating the power-hitter for assignment late last week. 

The clock is ticking for the M's to make a decision on Carp as they have only have a couple more days to trade, send him to the minors, or outright drop him on waivers. When healthy, Carp (to me atleast) proves he belongs with a big-league club and rest assured another team will give him a shot to play since the M's have a logjam at his available positions. This is a guy who had an impressive 20 game hit streak a couple years ago and who is believed to only be a power-hitter. Put a hit streak like that together while knocking out dingers with consistency (Hit it Here cafe, anyone?) and you have the ingredients for a star in the making. 

Now, the Mariners are leaning towards trading Carp and I believe if they do he has the ability to make Zduriencik wish he hadn't. Michael Morse comes to mind. A similar player with potential and when the Mariners had Richie Sexson at first they decided to part ways with Morse. He became a .300 hitter, 30 homer, 90 RBI guy for the Nats. Enough said. Morse is only one example of many former Mariners who have left the Northwest and blossomed elsewhere. Thankfully, Morse has returned to Seattle (a move many see as questionable for we had to give up John Jaso) but I believe his desire to prove himself where his career began adds fuel to his fire and will win-over the hearts of many Seattleites, as he did so in DC. Fans loved him there. As for Carp, who knows what his future holds, but it looks grim that he will wearing a Mariners uniform again anytime soon. It's just unfortunate that his opportunity seams to have passed. Another team will surely give him a shot, and that's no guarantee that he will perform (well, coming from Seattle, maybe it is), but I would hate to see him go. Regardless, the team looks more solid going into the season than it has in years past. I mean, last year Miguel Olivo was hitting cleanup… come on Wedge. But now Wedge has the pieces to make a contender out these guys and if it's with Carp or not, I for one am excited to see them play. 

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